Our Policy is This;

There has been a lot of coverage in the news about same-sex marriage and, there are several cases before different courts where vendors (such as photographers or bakers) have refused to provide service to the GLBTG members of their community.

Let me see, you have a customer before you who want’s to pay you their money to provide your goods or services to them, and you refuse to do business with them because you don’t agree with their lifestyle or the concept of same-sex marriage, so you’d rather be forced to hire an attorney and defend yourself against a lawsuit because of your “religious beliefs.” That seems a little counter to the purpose of opening a business, doesn’t it?

To those who refuse to serve any paying client I’d say, “Judge not and ye shall not be judged” as well as, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” If you don’t want to do business with someone for religious or moral reasons, we respect your choice, but please respect our choice to offer our services to everyone.

My own untimely demise, catastrophic equipment problem (loss, damaged or stolen) or death/family emergency, zombie apocalypse or nuclear/terrorist attack are about the only really acceptable reasons for not showing up and doing the job.

Our policy is this: If you wish to hire us to provide our services to you, our jobs is to do the best job for you possible. How you live your life or whom you choose to live it with isn’t any of our business. We are not here to attempt to influence the course of society or to pass judgement on others. There are already more than enough people willing to do that.

Gay or straight, black or white, yellow or brown, we want your business and we want you to be happy with the job we perform for you-period.

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