Capturing the special moments of your life.

Capturing the special moments of your life.

There are some moments you want to remember forever, but its hard to be in the moment and work a camera, too. A child will only have one first birthday party, only one first day of school and so many other “firsts” that you’ll want to remember each and every one.

And you want to trust all of those moments to a camera phone? Seriously?

What if your phone gets lost, stolen or broken? Unless you auto-backup your photos, they might be gone forever. And let’s face it, a camera-phone photo cannot capture the same kind of crisp, stunning images a professional-level DSLR camera can produce.

This is the best case anyone can make for hiring a professional photographer to photograph the events and people that are most important to you. Talk about the images you want captured, let us know what your expectations are and then, focus on enjoying the event, the moment or the day-and we will preserve the memories.

I-264 Photography Q & A


Q. What kind of photographer are you?

A. I am what you might call a “general purpose” photographer. There are over 50 different categories of photographer and my “style” is considered “journalistic” or “candid.” Some photographers specialize in weddings, others in underwater photography while others specialize in children, wildlife or macro (up-close) photography.
We strongly urge that before you hire a photographer for any important event, examine the body of their work carefully to make absolutely certain that their photographic style fits your taste.

_DSC8822Q. How much do you charge?

A. What kind of photography do you need?
Are you planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or a public event of some kind?
Will this be held on a weekday, weeknight or weekend?
Will we have to travel outside of the Hampton Roads area?
Is this event taking place in one location, two or more?
These are all questions we need to ask before we can quote you a price.
We do offer several different packages for various occasions that will meet almost any budget.

_DSC3220Q. My Partner and I want to have a same-sex marriage/commitment ceremony, do you photograph those?

A. Yes.

Q. What kind of photo prints do you offer?

A. To keep our costs and overhead low, we offer digital-only service. The photos we take are transferred to the client via USB flash-drive or electronic delivery with no copyright restrictions or claims, so you can print, reprint, share, post and modify them as you please because they’re your pictures of your special day or occasion, not mine.

_DSC0039Q. How to hire the right photographer?

A. Your photographer will be spending a lot of time with you, especially during a wedding. That is why it is so important to find a photographer you are comfortable with. A professional photographer wants your business, but they want you to be happy with the work being produced, this is why it is so important to get to know your photographer, examine their work carefully and ask for professional references, what kind of equipment they use and what services they offer such as “Engagement” photos, “Family” photos or Video services.

*Please keep in mind, last minute changes can increase prices dramatically such as a request for a second photographer or video services.

_DSC3209We suggest finding at least three photographers with a portfolio you like, make an appointment to sit down for at least an hour to interview them, write down every question you can think of and determine for yourself if this is the person you want to entrust with your special event.
If you are not comfortable with a photographer for any reason, you are not obligated to hire him or her. If you would be more comfortable with a photographer of the opposite sex or one that uses a different brand of camera, that is your call to make.

Finally, always get a signed contract that stipulates the responsibilities for each party, especially if the event is a wedding.