Who Say’s You Can’t Stop a Train?

We are proud of our leading roll in defeating Light Rail in Virginia Beach. Over our long, two-year campaign we were outspent by our opponents by a ratio of 10:1 and our client still emerged victorious on election day, capturing 57% of the vote to our opponents 42%, nearly reversing the outcome that favored Light Rail in 2012.

Through our adherence to tried and true campaign strategy and asymmetrical campaign tactics, with the help of the Virginia Beach Tea Party acting as John Atkinson’s “Shock Troops,” we were able to leverage an effective social media campaign as well as educating Virginia Beach voters on the issue, we delivered what some have called “the most stunning political upset in the history of Virginia Beach.”

In the last 28-day cycle of our campaign, the John Atkinson/No Light Rail Facebook page was reaching nearly a quarter of a million people through targeted messaging and creative meme’s that even received news coverage on local television.

I-264 Web Design and Photography was there each and every step of the way, overcoming the well-financed opposition, an obvious media bias for Light Rail and made our case to the voters.

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